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Dozens of written testimonials from prior patients that have experienced Dr. Skedros' expertise as an orthopaedic surgeon will soon be added here. Dr. Skedros encourages his patients to write testimonials by clicking on the Google icon that appears toward the bottom of this page.

We so much want to thank you for your skills as a Doctor. You did such a great job and had so much compassion for us. We will be eternally grateful to you for getting us through a difficult time in our lives. May good things always come your way. We will always recommend you! Love, The Tanners

Dr. Skedros your surgery on my shoulder has worked like magic to me. I want to say thanks. You are the best. I'm so glad I you for treatment. Thanks Again, Betty S


Dr. Skedros is currently conducting formal prospective outcomes analyses on patients who have one of the surgical procedures that he commonly performs. These analyses are important because anecdotes and testimonials, while useful for getting a general "feel" for a surgeon's capabilities, personality and/or bedside manner, do not establish how "good" he or she really is. For example, testimonials cannot be used to rigorously establish the percentage of excellent results or the infection rate of a specific surgical procedure. Details of Dr. Skedros surgical outcomes will be added to this webpage when they are completed. Preliminary analyses based on data from validated outcomes surveys for patient diagnosis- and/or region-specific problems (e.g., DASH, ASES, Simple Shoulder Test, and WORC scores), general pain level (visual analogue scale), and general health status (e.g., SF-36) before surgery and months after surgery demonstrate that Dr. Skedros: (1) has surgical results that are on par with or exceed the results published by The Mayo Clinic and The Cleveland Clinic in terms of patient overall satisfaction and function, and (2) has infection rates that are substantially lower than average.

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