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Elbow Procedures

An elbow is a joint so important that it once even spawned it’s own unit of measurement. Having strong, healthy elbows can help stave off issues in life such as arthritis, cubital tunnel syndrome, and can help you stay active later on in life. Having access to that active lifestyle can help improve your standard of living, ensuring you can keep having adventures for years to come!

When it comes to keeping your synovial hinge joints in working order, you want a doctor with experience: one who has been published multiple times in the subject, one with 17 years of working as a surgeon, and the first fellowship trained elbow and shoulder surgeon in Utah. Here are some procedures that Dr. Skedros can perform to help you get back to living again.

See "Patient Resources" for information for what to do before and after surgery.

The most common elbow surgery, this condition is when the “funny bone” nerve is irritated by crossing the inner elbow. You start physical therapy three weeks after this simple procedure.

Arthroscopic ("scope") surgery can be effective for various elbow conditions, especially for cartilage tears and for removing loose pieces of cartilage or spurs. Dr. Skedros can often do this with only 2 or 3 stitches, and he can determine if you would benefit from arthroscopy or from a "mini-open" procedure.

Tennis elbow (a problem at the outer aspect of the elbow) sometimes requires surgery. Cortisone shots often help to temporize this problem, but can take a long time to get better. Dr. Skedros can advise you on surgical and non-surgical options. Golfer's elbow (at the inner elbow) can usually be corrected without surgery.

Radial tunnel syndrome is a deep pain that runs towards the wrist. Dr. Skedros can usually cure this problem with cortisone injections. When these do not work, then surgery is a reliable way to get relief.

Elbow instability is a common case of ligament damage in the elbow. In his surgical residency, Dr. Skedros assisted Dr. Frank Jobe, the originator of the reliable "Tommy John" procedure, who often performed it on professional baseball players.

Some elbow fractures can be tricky to repair. Luckily, Dr. Skedros has over 15 years experience in repairing these badly broken bones (x-rays).

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