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Other Procedures

Dr. Skedros can operate a variety of other procedures, from bone fractures, to knee scopes, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Other than surgery, some joint problems can also be treated with a synthetic injection called cortisone, a hormone that Dr. Skedros has written about numerous times. If you have questions regarding whether Dr. Skedros can help you with your condition, please contact us for a consultation.

See "Patient Resources" for information for what to do before and after surgery.

Knee "scopes" can improve pain and 'catching/clicking' from meniscus cartilage tears and, in some cases, from cartilage tearing associated with arthritis (see diagram). Read Dr. Skedros' article on the subject, below.

Articles written by Dr. Skedros:

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Dr. Skedros takes "trauma call" for the emergency rooms at St. Marks Hospital and LDS Hospital. He can manage all types of fractures that result from common accidents, such as falling or auto wrecks.

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This condition is easy to diagnosis and treat. This problem commonly occurs with other shoulder or elbow conditions.

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