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The Benefits of Swimming for Your Joints

by admin

Swimming has long been lauded as a form of exercise that is less harsh on the body than other exercises such as running and bicycling. But how so, exactly? What are some of the unique health benefits that swimming can lend to the body? In case you are in need of additional motivation this summer swimming season, here are some of the many benefits that swimming can have on your joints alone.

Low-impact exercise for arthritis

For those who already suffer from the painful side effects of arthritis or a similar condition, swimming serves as a form of exercise that is especially easy on aggravated joints. The water buoyancy makes for much less impact on the skeletal system and for having to bear much less weight while submerged. A warmer pool will carry the benefits of swimming for those with arthritis even further, as the heat will help to loosen stiff joints.

Side health benefits for better joints

In addition to being a low-impact form of exercise for joints, swimming offers other health benefits that in turn work to strengthen joints. Swimming has been shown by multiple studies to improve breathing and circulation, lower heart rates, and maintain healthier blood pressure—all of which are great for overall joint health.  Swimming, moreover, just so happens to combine three vital components of exercise: muscle stretching, muscle strengthening, and aerobics. It works many different muscle groups at the same time, making for a well-rounded and comprehensive workout for the body.

A multifarious exercise

Swimming does not have to be reserved to only swimming laps; there are a myriad of other related water-based activities that also work well for those with joint pain or sensitivity. Those who are looking for water-based exercises that will make a lesser impact on the skeletal system can try water aerobics, deep water walking, or even just in-pool stretching. Water provides a gentle, yet effective form of resistance in all of these activities. Practicers of water-based exercises can also make use of hand-held paddles, kickboards, water weights, and other items made for water-based workouts. In the world of water-based exercise, those suffering from joint pain will find a wide variety of activities to choose from—at multiple intensities—so that they can create a workout regimen that both builds strength and puts joint pain at ease.


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