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Dr. Skedros--Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon

Dr. Skedros

is an excellent resource for all complex shoulder and elbow problems, including 2nd and 3rd opinions. His career has included many in depth studies on various conditions. He has a strong publication record to support his work as an expert in surgical and non-surgical management of shoulder and elbow conditions.

Dr. Skedros can manage the spectrum from simple to complex shoulder and elbow problems and is Utah's 1st fellowship trained shoulder and elbow surgeon. He is also a proud member of the society of American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons.

Dr. Skedros performs a majority of his out-patient surgeries (no overnight stay) at the Utah Surgical Center (4100 South and Bangerter Highway). This is a superb facility for patient cost, access and efficiency.

A list of publications by Dr. Skedros on Surgeries and Conditions can be found here.