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Why Joint Injuries Are More Common in Winter

by admin

When the cold season starts, it’s not too uncommon to hear people complain about pain in their joints. We’ve probably all heard a grandparent mention that their joints ache when it is cold out (although this is definitely not just alienated to older individuals). There are a handful of reasons why this is the case, although there certainly needs to be more research done in this field. Here are some reasons that your joints might be acting up in the colder winter weather…

Generalized joint pain

Generalized joint pain is joint pain that isn’t necessarily caused by a specific injury. The complaints of people who have generalized joint pain skyrockets in winter (with the trend usually beginning in late fall). This type of pain is especially common amongst runners. One particular reason why this may be the case is because the body tries to conserve more heat in cold temperatures. This natural process causes blood vessels to constrict, which would contribute to joint pain.


Another reason that many experts suspect might be behind winter joint pain is because the cold temperature changes the barometric pressure in the air, which can cause joints to swell from inflammation. However, both of these reasons are just theories based on limited research.

How to avoid winter joint pain

Regardless of the reasons why we suffer from joint pain, more frequently, in the winter months, it is important to take steps to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. Healthier and happier joints keep you more active, and promote a much healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips to remember on how to avoid winter joint pain:

  • Wear warm clothing, when exercising
  • Always do a warm-up exercise, such as jumping jacks, before going on a run
  • Stretch! You should be stretching before every activity, anyways.
  • Take a walk, after a run, to help cool down.


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