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Common Shoulder Injuries And How to Prevent Them

by admin

Did you know that the shoulder is the most common joint in your body to experience injury? The shoulder is an area of the body that you use a lot more than you realize; damage to the shoulder joint can restrict even the most basic of movements, like brushing your teeth. Imagine a life where you can’t even lift your arm enough to brush your teeth. Luckily, shoulder injuries are often preventable. And if you do experience pain and injury to either of your shoulders, Dr. Skedros can help set things right.

Most common shoulder injuries


As the shoulder is the most common joint injury that people experience, it’s no surprise that you should take a few extra precautions to ensure your joints are working properly and are taken care of. Here are a few of the most common shoulder injuries to watch out for:

-Torn Rotator Cuff – Common among people who repeatedly perform overhead motions.

-Shoulder impingement/rotator cuff tendonitis – Individuals who participate in sports such as baseball, tennis, and swimming are at risk for rotator cuff tendonitis.

-Dislocated shoulder

-SLAP tear – SLAP stands for Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior, common among athletes who throw overhead, such as in baseball and tennis.

-Frozen shoulder – The symptoms of a frozen shoulder usually start slowly and get progressively worse over the course of a few years.

-Shoulder arthritis – Also known as Shoulder Osteoarthritis, which becomes aggravated by activity.


Most of these injuries are the result of repititive and intensive routines and activities.




Because the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body, it makes sense that it experiences pain and injury most easily. In most cases, the joint will begin to experience pain before surgery is the necessary treatment to take care of the issue.


The best way to prevent shoulder injuries, is to be careful and aware of what you do with your body. If you regularly engage in a sport riddled with a history of shoulder injuries, make sure that you keep track of your form and don’t let yourself get sloppy. Being sloppy or lazy is one of the easiest ways to get hurt!


If you start experiencing pain, even if it’s a mild or occasional pain, it’s a good idea to have a doctor to take a look at it! It’s better to have preventative care, than to need surgery to repair something much more serious.


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