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How an Orthopedist Can Help You—Even If You Don’t Need Surgery

by admin

Most people have at least some type of recurring injury. Whether it’s a bad back, hip pain, knee pain, or a bad shoulder, there are all types of things that can give us problems. With these types of aches and pains, an orthopedist is an amazing resource—even when you…

Should I Get Surgery?

by admin

Making the decision on whether or not to get orthopaedic surgery can be a difficult one. On the one hand, having surgery can greatly improve your quality of life and allow you to enjoy activities that you once enjoyed; on the other hand, sometimes you cannot be…

What Are Shin Splints?

by admin

The term “shin splints” is frequently used in the world of sports medicine, and it actually refers to a general symptom rather than a specific diagnosis. Shin splints refer to a symptom of pain over the front of the tibia bone, which is located in the lower…

Swollen Knee Causes

by admin

Knee swelling, often referred to as “water on the knee,” is a very common knee symptom—in athletes and non-athletes, young and old alike. It may be acute or chronic, and it can stem from a variety of causes. Read on to learn about some of the most…

The Importance of a Second Opinion

by admin

Has your orthopaedic surgeon told you that “nothing more can be done?”  If yes, were you then given the names of surgeons who might give a fresh, second opinion? Chances are, the answer to that question is no. Many orthopaedic surgeons are so arrogant that they…

All About Rotator Cuff Surgery

by admin

Your rotator cuff is made up of muscles and tendons that hold the joint at the tip of the humerus (upper arm bone) in place at your shoulder. Because it allows you to lift and reach with your arm, it is perhaps the most important component…

When to See an Orthopaedic Specialist

by admin

It can be hard to determine whether you need to see an orthopaedic specialist or not. You may wonder if the money will be worth it, if your condition is bad enough, or if you’re just being a hypochondriac.

Here are some helpful tips to…