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What to Do About Tennis Elbow

by admin

What’s tennis elbow, you ask? Do only tennis players get it? If I play tennis will I get it? What are the symptoms?

Put your worries to rest: all of your questions about tennis elbow will be answered right here.


Tennis elbow is a condition in which the outer part of your elbow becomes sore and tender. It occurs when tendons in your elbow are overworked due to a repetitive motion of the wrist and arm and can be quite painful. Don’t let its name fool you—most people who get tennis elbow don’t actually play tennis. There are certain professions that can lead to tennis elbow such as plumbers, carpenters, or butchers. Any activity that requires constant gripping or squeezing can cause tennis elbow.


Symptoms can include but are not limited to

·       Tenderness on the outside bony part of the elbow

·       Soreness in your forearm

·       Morning stiffness of your elbow

·       Persistent aching of your elbow

You may have tennis elbow if it’s hard to

·       Hold a coffee cup

·       Turn a doorknob

·       Shake hands

If you have these symptoms as well as numbness or weakness in your hands, see a doctor as there may be something else wrong with your forearm or hand area.


Although tennis elbow does not often lead to serious medical problems, it can take a long time to heal. In most instances all you need is to rest from the repetitive motions that created the condition in the first place. If the condition persists and is left untreated, loss of mobility and function of your arm can develop, particularly in your elbow and forearm.

If you are experiencing pain that limits daily activity or continues despite resting, ice, and over-the-counter pain medications, consider going to a doctor. Dr. Skedros can advise you on surgical and non-surgical options for tennis elbow.  For minor problems, a cortisone shot may be recommended. Surgery is sometimes required if the condition worsens, however. The doctor will help you find an appropriate treatment to get you back to your pristine shape.

Tennis elbow can be a slow condition to heal from, but don’t lose hope. There are many treatment plans available, and with the right rest and medications, you will fully recover.


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