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The Importance of a Second Opinion

by admin

Has your orthopaedic surgeon told you that “nothing more can be done?”  If yes, were you then given the names of surgeons who might give a fresh, second opinion? Chances are, the answer to that question is no. Many orthopaedic surgeons are so arrogant that they don’t believe a second opinion is necessary. However, Dr. Skedros firmly believes that it’s very important to receive a second opinion, especially if your surgeon is claiming that nothing more can be done to help you. In fact, here are four reasons that you should get a second opinion when it comes to any orthopaedic injury.

1. Different Opinions or Experience

Even though we expect the same treatment and diagnoses from every healthcare professional we visit, it doesn’t always work that way. Every orthopaedic surgeon has different opinions, training, and experience, and accepting one negative diagnosis simply isn’t good enough. The first surgeon you see may tell you there is nothing else to be done for your injury, but another may have had the experience necessary to help you further. A good surgeon will even recognize that they do not know everything and tell you to get a second opinion on your prognosis.

2. Alternate Treatment Methods

When it comes to orthopaedics, every doctor has their own opinion, and thus their own treatment preferences. Some will opt for a less aggressive approach, choosing physical therapy over surgery and medications. Others like to jump right in and take care of the problem by whatever means necessary. By getting a second opinion, you can gain more knowledge of your situation and discuss the best treatment option. It could save you from a doctor who isn’t doing enough or from a doctor who wants to go to unnecessary lengths to heal you.

3. It Never Hurts; In Fact, It May Help

It can’t hurt to get a second opinion. The slight cost for a second, third, or fourth consultation (if any) is definitely worth it if better treatment options come to light. It could save you heaps of time, money, pain, and stress if you find out there are other ways to recover from your injury.  

4. It’s Too Early to Give Up

If you’ve been told there’s nothing more to be done for your injury, don’t lie down and take it. Get a second opinion as a reminder that there is hope and other options. Other doctors may agree that you will never fully recover, but they can at least help restore movement and functionality to your body with different treatment methods. Don’t let an arrogant doctor tell you that your injury cannot be helped. Give Dr. Skedros a call today to schedule an appointment for a second opinion and he’ll do everything he can to help get you back to where you want to be.


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