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7 Steps to Prepare for Your Orthopaedic Surgery

by admin

Orthopaedic surgery can be a wonderful, helpful step in recovering your health. Whether the surgeon is operating on your leg, hip, shoulder, or elbow, it is important that you do all that you can to help the surgery be a success. Proper preparation is a key factor in making sure that all goes smoothly.

1. Setting the appointment

The surgeon’s office should not only schedule the appointment but also give you a reminder. Make sure that set your appointment for a time when you can be properly supported by a family member or loved one. Always arrive early to your appointment in case there is any extra paperwork that needs to be taken care of.

2. Take care of your body

Before coming in for your appointment, make sure that you attend to all of your hygienic needs, including washing your body, your hair and your teeth. A clean body will help keep the operation room sanitary as well as add to your general comfort. It is also recommended that you remove all make-up, nail polish, false nails, and jewelry.  

3. Respect all eating/drinking recommendations

Depending on the type of surgery, it is possible that the doctor will ask you to refrain from eating or drinking for a certain amount of time leading up to your procedure. This fasting process is extremely important in regards to the medication you will be taking as well as keeping things clear for the doctor to see all the vital parts of your body.

4. Wear comfortable clothing

 You want to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. As you will most likely be asked to wear a surgical gown, make sure that you can easily remove every article of clothing.

 5. Keep your valuables at home

 Watches, jewelry, and any other valuables can be hazardous in the operating room. For your safety – and for the safety of your belongings – keep all of these personal items at home.

6. Arrange a pick-up

The trauma to your body and the use of anesthesia means that you should never drive yourself home after a surgery. Prepare ahead by having a responsible, trusted adult ready to pick you up after you are released who can stay with you through your first night of recovery.

 7. Keep calm

 Surgery can be a scary thing. However, remember that you are in the hands of a trusted, knowledgeable surgeon. You can help your surgery be a success by remaining calm when you arrive at the hospital or clinic.


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